Southern Tour Ultra

Saturday April 10th, 2021 Wilmington, NC 28411 US Directions

We are very sorry to have to postpone our January event.  However we are moving the event to April 10th, 2021.

Southern Tour is more than just a trail race, it is being around friends, teammates, BBQ, live music  and classic rock all day, camaraderie and a care free atmosphere.  

We have been advised by our healthcare team that two weeks after the holidays is going to be a tough time to have a race atmosphere like we are used to let alone 800 people in a field.  We even put plans together to have you show up and run as a team during a time slot, but that is not what Southern Tour is all about.  

We have decided to move to April 10th, 2021.  The weather will be warmer, the grass will be greener, and the chances will be much higher of having a worry free event.  It gives our health care system some time to get vaccines out and our most vulnerable population vaccinated.

The LAST MAN STANDING EVENT - will still take place this January 15th at 7pm since there is only 22 people in that event.  That will be the only event to take place  The format for the Last Man Standing will move to a 4.167 miles every hour as the traditional "backyard ultra" is held.  If you are crazy and you want to transfer to that event, just email me and I can switch you, there will only be a limited amount of spots available for that event.

All 50K, 50 mile, and 50 mile relay teams, have 3 options.  Only email us if you want a refund or transfer, otherwise if you are on board for April 10th, you don't have to do anything:)

Stay in the event for April 10th, 2021.  You do not have to do anything the dates are all changes in the sign up system.  If your team wasn't full they can still register and join your team as normal.
Transfer to Copperhead 20K or 20K Relay or Shakori 40mile 40K or 40 mile relay next fall.
Request a full refund or donate your entry to the Wilmington Health Foundation.
Any requested changes need to be made by January 8th

As we all know, COVID-19 is a major concern with gatherings and mitigating the spread of the virus.  The 2021 Southern Tour Ultra has received permission to host the race as long as we are encouraging people to follow the 3 Ws, Wear your mask when you cannot social distance, wash your hands and wait 6ft apart.

The Southern Tour Ultra has 1 big event field and 1 small field that we will be using for athletes and teams to use to space out.  Under the mass gatherings policies when in open spaces we will follow the 12 persons per 1000 square feet rule.

Big Field: 126,500
Field 2: 18,750


  • 50 mile open runners will start 6ft apart.  While on course runners will be able to social distance
  • 50K open runners will start 6ft apart.  While on course runners will be able to social distance
  • Relay teams: only 1 runner from each team will be running at a time which keeps people separated enough throughout the day
  • Bathrooms have handwashing stations in them and will be spread out around the field
  • Athletes must wear a mask while on the grounds when they are not at their campsite
  • Campsites and team set up areas can utilize the large field and upper field.  We will be sectioning off areas to set up.
  • We are outside and in open air, athletes must use good judgement on waiting 6ft apart
  • Teams and individuals will be subject to disqualification and asked to leave if compliance is ignored.
  • Camping and Team set up areas will be sectioned off this year to prevent people being in close quarters
  • The aid station will have all bottled water and Gatorade
  • Athletes will be encouraged to use their own aid at their own campsite that can be set up along the course as well to avoid sharing spickets and cups.

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